We love robots!  we care about robots!  So we constantly seek out, unusual or interesting Sci-fi robots or robot related art that we hope you will love too.

Exhibits have come from all over the UK.  It’s a constantly evolving and diverse collection, many with a history to tell.  We are beginning to broaden our searches  and discovering some amazing finds. We hope to incorporate these in the future.


Many of the Robot creations are unique assemblages of anything from used car parts to vacuum cleaners and beauty product boxes, demonstrating recycling can be fun. Commonly discarded items get skillfully crafted into unique awe-inspiring robot structures. Learn how to wizard your waste into something new and exciting! You will find some examples on our blog page.


The focus is on providing you with the most diverse and comprehensive collection of Robots ever seen in the UK.  We all have our robot favourites, but what is yours? Let us know in the comments section so we can make plans to incorporate these. Follow our Facebook and Instagram pages and spread the word. We want to know the nations favourites! or maybe you know of a robot somewhere that needs some love. Think of us as “International Robot Rescue” with your help we can make it happen!

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Star wars E-3PO gone rogue – climbs on roof of van!

Star wars E-3PO – Distinquishable by their silver finish. E-3PO units were a subset of the 3PO-series protocol droid line. Developed for Imperial use. E-3PO units […]

robot wars matilda

Robot Wars Matilda – let the story begin!

  Robot Wars Matilda – let the story begin!   We set off for Stroud in the 2RSB, excited to […]

robot 2

Another extraordinary creation from wizarded waste!

Another extraordinary creation from wizarded waste! Robotazia is fortunate to have procured this fine example of what is achievable by […]

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