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Robot story

An extraordinary museum of robots. This is the concept behind the latest idea by Mark Swannell, of  CYBERIGS Robots.

That person, who at the age of 12 could be seen hurtling down the village street on a Madmaxesque, lawnmower engined assemblage of salvaged scrap. Otherwise known as a go-cart?


Moving on a few years (quite a few) and with the serious business of growing up done, and much wisdom gained, he’s back!


So what is a ROBOT”? .

We know they are not human, yet we look for human traits!

Invariably they all have them in some way.

Through decades of science fiction films and TV robots have appeared. Fearsome, lovable, funny, cheeky, smart, all seemingly possessing some personality! This is what sets them apart from other mechanical things.   


A key ingredient to Robotazia, is robots with character, and if there is some story to accompany them so much the better.


Upcycled, re-purposed, or creative reuse. These are words we hear a lot lately. This is nothing new, just re-badged. The new thrifty.


Now if there is one great thing about robots, it is that you can build them out of literally anything.

Of course, we are not talking Boston Dynamics here, but science fiction knows no bounds, and it won't cost you a squillion bucks.


So how do you scare small children with tin cans and old gas cylinders?

That is where the creative Madmaxesque mind comes in useful. Laterally thinking, these are actually excellent free, readily available building materials. Dig a bit deeper and you will uncover an Aladdin’s cave for the up-cyclist. The constraints of using only those materials is what can force the non-obvious answer to a problem.


So, back to scaring small children…. simple… think BIG.robot man

Whenever I return to somewhere I frequented as a child it always seems smaller than I remember.  So now big has got even bigger!

“what is that made of mummy?” “erm, vacuum cleaners sweetie” there’s a long pause… child’s brain cogs are turning…. Bam, objective accomplished.

Ok, so little Liam, is not going to have the ability or skill to create a menacing 3m high Dyson boxing robot at the age of 9, but the seed is planted, and a little scared is good,  heightens the senses,  focuses the mind.  But who knows what he may come up with?

Children have this freedom and agility of thought, unaffected like many of us by tradition and conservatism. 


There is nothing more satisfying than creating unique art from discarded materials.

Try it!

At times it will frustrate you, there are challenges.

Unifying a bunch of totally dissimilar unrelated items or materials so that they appear to be custom made for the job, will not come to you in an instant, rather things tend to evolve as the work progresses.

This labour of love adds a value.
You will treasure the end result more than anything you will purchase from a store.

And what we treasure we tend to keep!

So this becomes a double bonus to something we often neglect, an essential thing really, that every single one of us needs...
The Planet!


Robotazia is a robot experience for all ages, with an underlying emphasis on exciting reuse. It’s a collective by many like minded artists. A museum unlike any other,  and if you fancy a coffee, head to the Robobistro.


All over the world are galleries of great paintings, marble sculptures, fine porcelain. But how many astounding robot creations, some taking months, years to build, go unnoticed, tucked away in the spare room.

It is their time NOW.robot story


Gundam, Transformers, Shogun warriors, Tomy, plus many others, They’ll be there too. Robots we played with as children and still have a fondness for cannot be left out. 


We also have for display,  life-size well-known robots from film and TV.

See our unique actual metal Iron Man.  Click (here) to see the restoration video.

PLUS.. we are building on a "Robot Wars" section, 

where you can see some of the well known Battlebots from the long running BBC tv series.


Restoration plays an important part, therefore the viewable in-house Cyberigs workshop will continue reviving some of the old but significant bot finds, that need some TLC before taking their honorary place with the others.


Robotazia will open its doors soon. (dates to be confirmed).

We look forward to seeing you or hearing from you.

Input, input, need input...  Johnny 5 The story of...

Robotazia... an extraordinary museum of robots